About us

Local social commerce

At Schnap! we are focused on delivering affordable Sales and Marketing technology to Local Community Businesses, to help them grow and prosper.

It was in August 2019, that Schnap! co-founder, Martin Taylor, was listening to some country music while on a long drive for a business trip, when a song played that would change the course of the next few years for many of the people now involved in Schnap!.

This song was “Little Man” by Alan Jackson. While listening to the story portrayed in the lyrics, the overall feeling of local businesses that built our communities being killed off by “Big Money“ struck a chord with the now Schnap! CEO.

Why are Local Businesses having to compete with the likes of
Amazon, within their own communities?!

Why should our local businesses pay large commission fees to the likes of Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, for connecting them to their local community!

It was from this point on that the concept of Schnap! was born, a technology company that is about the local community, about bringing people and businesses together, about driving a buoyant local consumer and business relationship without the sky high commission or marketing fees that the “Big Money” companies charge.

Why should we allow the "Big Money" to kill our Local Communities?