Local social commerce

Schnap! For the Community
For all local businesses and organisations, local community engagement should be at the heart of your growth strategy regardless industry and here’s our top reasons why!

Love thy neighbour
Schnap! is a great way to connect and engage with your customers. Schnap! users share reviews of great local businesses and encourage other users to pay them a visit or use their services too. You’ll build longstanding, beneficial relationships with those customers which have been right next door the whole time.

Celebrate with your local community
Celebrate your best bits! Using Schnap! is a great way to showcase the best of what you have to offer in your local community. Schnap! is a great channel which connects consumers to businesses and keeps the community up to date with all local ‘goings on’. Schnap! is a great place to share promotions, make recommendations and interact with new and existing customers.

Achieve the best outcomes
- Connect with more customers, locally
- Sell more locally
- Earn more
- Grow faster
- Be a true part the community
- Better harness the power of the community marketplace

Battling Loneliness & bringing people together
At Schnap!, we provide users with a virtual community borne out of the actual area they live in. Importantly in these difficult times, it's a community where we can all chat, say hi and understand what is happening in our local area.