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At Schnap! we're motivated by a firm belief that our high streets are being destroyed by large tech companies moving customers away from local businesses. Local business owners were first challenged by supermarkets and out of town retail centres attracting their customers, and they are now further threatened because large tech companies such as Amazon and eBay offer consumers the convenience of being able to purchase using their phone from the comfort of their arm chair.

We think this is making it harder for small local businesses to be successful and we don't like that...

We're here to help!

We want to support high street businesses by linking them to potential customers that are near to them. Customers in your area using our app can see your business nearby and can see what is for sale. They can also use chat rooms to chat to you about your products, which gives you the chance to promote items to customers and encourage sales. All this is for free too!

When a customer chooses to buy something, they can then select their items and order them for collection or delivery. By selling to local customers that can easily travel to your premises, perhaps to pick up the items they've just ordered, we hope that this will encourage customers to visit you more. We think this will help to build back the relationships that used to define our high streets and the communities around them.

Scroll down to the video below to learn more.

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