How it works

Local social commerce

How it Works

  • Your customer either already has the app, or sees the advertisement on your premises
  • Once they click on your business, they can browse your menu, chat with you on the Venue Chat.
  • They can then place and pay for their order in the app, for either On Premise, Click & Collect or Delivery, whichever options you have set.
  • As soon as the order is placed, the payment is transferred direct to your Stripe account, less the payment fees.
  • The order appears on the Schnap! POS system in your venue
  • They can see the progress of the order as your team processes the order through "accepted", "in progress" and "completed" stages

How to get Set Up

  • Register interest using the form on this site
  • Schnap! will get in touch, then send you a link to the Schnap! dashboard and your account details
  • Set up your Location, Images, Logo, Menus and Stripe account (for payments) via the interactive, easy to navigate dashboard – we will do this for you if you prefer
  • You are now visible on Schnap! and ready to take orders and chat with you local community.


The Schnap! map allows the users to see the businesses that are local to them.

Schnap! users can then enter your Schnap! store to view your products or menus,
allowing them to place an order.

All orders that are received from the Schnap! app will appear on your Schnap! POS
The Schnap! POS allows you to efficiently manage all the orders you receive.

How Schnap! compares to Other providers

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Service Charge
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