A new social experience

Schnap! is a free real time messaging app, designed to move phone users away from traditional social media towards messaging people in their local neighbourhood instead

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Local. Social.

Schnap! is the 2020’s revolution in social media engagement!

Schnap! Spaces

Each Schnap! Space is a chat room, where you can interact with other people in the same area. Use Schnap! to explore other areas too!

Create Spaces!

If there's no Schnap! Space near you, just create your own and start messaging

Schnap! is for local chat

Schnap! is not the same as other social media, we're here to help you chat with people you've never met, that are near enough for you to meet if you choose to

Be Spontaneous

There are no friend requests needed, no need to join groups. Schnap! is designed to be as spontaneous, intuitive and hassle free to use as possible

Meet local people, without barriers

Users can see other Schnap! users in their local neighbourhood – in a Schnap! Space - and start chatting to them instantly.

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