Schnap blog" #1 - Community

The word community is thrown around A LOT. ‘Our community believes’, ‘our community connects’, ‘we can help our community’ … the phrases go on for much longer than this blog, however the importance of a community, or a village if you like, has the opportunity to go far deeper than the more immediate people you rely on.

The meaning of community is often defined as “people with common interests living in a particular area” and “a body of persons or nations having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests”.  As business owner, the meaning of community means to support, connect and socialise with.

In these unprecedented times, what defines your community? Forced connection through a workplace? Getting support? The current lack of social settings? Or more likely as a consequence of this pandemic an organic connection with shared experiences now integrated into your everyday life?

As a small business owner connecting with your community can be a challenge. This is where technology plays and has played a key part in overcoming that. Right now, there is a greater need for community / community support and human connection. In the absence of this face to face; our mobile devices play a key role in brokering those relationships.

Like Shakira’s hips, numbers don’t lie. Researchers are forecasting that e-sales will surpass £700 billion in the next three years. So if you want in on this action, it makes sense to bring your goods to a locally focussed social commerce platform - Schnap!

81% of shoppers research products on social platforms, and shopping is a top priority for 48% of Pinterest users. Why not give them what they’re looking for with Schnap!

Schnap! are focused on delivering affordable technology to reinvigorate local communities and support the small business sector to get back into business – for the benefit of all.

We hope that Schnap! can play a part of your community!