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Schnap! makes shopping a social experience

Shopping on Schnap! makes the experience much more interactive than a typical e-commerce spree.

Schnap! users will chat with other customers on purchases, show off those hip new buys, comment on Auntie Jackie’s new “I Love My Niece” top, review comments from other savvy shoppers, and interact directly with local businesses like you.

For those who miss the social aspect of a day out at the shops, Schnap! might just be the next best thing.

Schnap! Social commerce removes friction

See it, click it, buy it. Schnap! removes friction from the customer buying journey, making it easy to follow through from discovery to purchase. They’re here. The product’s here. Nowhere to go but the checkout.

Ultimately, with traditional online, every click of the mouse is an opportunity for a potential customer to change their mind. If they have to go from your ad, to your website, to add the product, to a basket, to filling in their card info, that’s a lot of moments to lose their attention.

Take those unnecessary steps away by using Schnap! and just bring the shopping to the fore of local social engagement.